Mold Remediation in Richmond, VA

Thorough mold remediation done by a licensed mold removal contractor will make a lasting impact on your quality of air and, subsequently, your quality of life.
Located in Richmond and servicing Central Virginia and beyond, MoldX has the resources and skills to carefully decontaminate houses and commercial spaces, instantly protecting both your health and your investment. From replacing insulation and vapor barriers to removing damaged building materials to cleaning HVAC components and ductwork, we’re equipped to remedy even the most challenging scenarios.

To make sure we get to all the problematic sources causing a mold issue in your home or business and prevent future growth, we perform a comprehensive inspection. We roll up our sleeves and inspect crawl spaces, basements, attics, other areas containing plumbing, and even HVAC systems and ductwork. We physically remove the mold before using a solution to kill even the microscopic spores that lurk invisibly, working cautiously in a contained environment so as to prevent the possible spread of mold spores to other non-contaminated areas.

Once the indoor air quality in your home or workplace has been restored, we can help you take precautions against future mold contamination. Ventilation and dehumidification systems encourage cross-ventilation and prevent mold problems from returning, while special paint products provide a barrier between wood structures and moisture.