Why Your Indoor Air Quality Matters

Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health. Most Americans spend a significant amount of time indoors, and indoor air can be up to 100 times more toxic than outdoors. Time spent in the home, office, or other types of buildings—where gases, chemicals, and other pollutants exist, can result in headaches, eye irritation, allergies, and fatigue.

There are many primary sources that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Common pollutant sources include:

  • Fuel-burning combustion appliances – These appliances include space heaters, gas ranges and ovens, furnaces, gas water heaters, gas clothes dryers, wood or coal-burning stoves, and fireplaces. The common fuels burned in these appliances are natural or LP gas, fuel oil, kerosene, wood, or coal. Some of the common pollutants produced from burning these fuels are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particles, and sulfur dioxide. Particles can have hazardous chemicals attached to them.
  • Tobacco products – Smoke and chemicals that are released into the air settle into other materials around the area. Clothing, furniture and fabric window dressings will absorb odors and chemicals. Paint and smooth surfaces are also vulnerable to tobacco product’s long-lasting effects.
  • Deteriorated asbestos-containing insulation – This is particularly common in older homes or buildings.
  • Newly-installed flooring, upholstery or carpet – Vinyl, laminate wood, and even new carpet contains fibers that can result in irritants.
  • Cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products – Many items brought into the home contain unseen irritants that are actually built into them during the manufacturing process.
  • Products for household cleaning and maintenance, personal care, or hobbies- Unknowingly releasing pollutants into air as daily routines or hobbies are performed is a common source of indoor air irritants.
  • Excess moisture and heat – High temperatures and humidity levels can increase the concentration of some pollutants as well as cause an increased risk of mold growth.

At MoldX we offer The EZ Breathe® indoor ventilation system which uses state-of-the-art technology to clear humidity, mold spores, allergenic material, odors, and other toxins from the air you breathe every day. Operating quietly and unobtrusively in crawl spaces and basements, EZ Breathe® is an inexpensive way to ensure a healthy living or working environment.

Dehumidifiers actually create yet another environment that’s conducive to mold growth, but EZ Breathe® pulls the poor indoor air out of your home or business and the excess humidity with it, making a daily difference in the air you breathe. Six to ten times a day, your breathing air is completely changed, all without you realizing it, except for a marked improvement in your health. And, even better, it only costs as much as powering a 40-watt light bulb to operate, with no pans to empty or maintenance to perform.

If you want to start each day feeling your best, it’s important to have the highest quality indoor air possible. Call us today (804) 377-6653 or visit us online to inquire about our services and to discuss how we can make your indoor air a pleasure to breathe.

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